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You are on the site of experimental garden Ron Peters

A medium-sized testing ground in the north of our country. Located in ZO Drenthe in the horticultural area Klazienaveen.

A company with multiple specializations aimed at providing services in growing your trials, guiding and helping to solve virus problems, your point of contact in purchasing and selling processes in the region.

at our company ( No. nonsens company), we can carry out tests for clients in the greenhouse horticulture and related companies that the clients themselves cannot (not set up for), want (virus) or are allowed (NVWA).

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What is possible at the experimental garden FutureGrowing

– Upright crops on substrate,

– Growing on ebb and flow tables,

– Virus related tests, (TOBRFV, NVWA approved)

And questions you can't ask anywhere else.

Virus control

Experimental garden Ron Peters, and her douch company :

the first “virus fighting company".

The name alone says it all: the virus fight.

Do you have problems with any kind of virus in your business? We can help you get out of trouble through tailor - made consultancy and guidance .

Go to the contact page and take the step. What do you have to lose?

Virus Prevention


Accompanying the purchase and sale of horticultural real estate

You can also contact Ron Peters for this.

As a local horticultural entrepreneur, with a generous network, Ron has knowledge of people, business, financing and the local Drenthe market in horticultural real estate. Follow our supply and demand from and to things.

Go to the contact page and put it to the test.