Onze service in Engeland

“Ron Peters have asked me to write to you my experience with the Ron Peters protocol.
I am Arjan de Gier grower of cucumbers in The Netherlands and the UK ( Thanet Earth ), I think you do know my brother Edwin from Prins greenhouses.
For many years I have struggled with the green mottle mosaic virus in my greenhouses, every year I did more to clean and disinfect the greenhouses and every year the first infection started earlier and more severe.
At a certain moment the whole company is from top to bottom infected with the virus, all materials your own car keyboard etc , and then you stop to believe that you can ever managed to get clean again.
In 2015 I heard from several growers that the Ron Peters protocol really do work, growers wo had struggled for years with the virus stayed clean or only had the virus by the very back and of the year.
I November 2015 I used the Ron Peters protocol and in combination with more efforts to clean the greenhouses and it did worked!!
In both greenhouses in the UK and The Netherlands we didn’t had the virus in the 2016 crops, we where still clean by the very end of the crop!
This is really a big relief, instead that you have to worry daily what you have to do to deal with the virus you can concentrate on growing cucumbers.
I do know that you have a lit crop but I strongly believe that you can only succeed if you clean and desinfect your greenhouses all at the same time .”

Arjan de Gier

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